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Dr Donovan Tay

Dr Donovan Tay


MBBS (Singapore)


M.Med (Singapore)

FAMS (Endocrinology)


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Diagnosis & Treatment of

  • Adrenal Disorders

  • Diabetes Mellitus

  • Lipid disorders

  • Metabolic Conditions

  • Osteoporosis

  • Pituitary Disorders

  • Thyroid Disorders.

Dr Donovan Tay is a senior consultant endocrinologist with over 20 years of clinical experience managing a variety of endocrine disorders including diabetes mellitus, excess weight problems,  thyroid diseases, metabolic bone disease,  pituitary and adrenal diseases and reproductive endocrine disorders. He graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS), completed training and obtained his Membership of Royal College of Physicians (United Kingdom), Master of Medicine (NUS) and Master of Clinical Investigation (NUS). Upon completion of advanced training in Endocrinology, he was conferred a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (FAMS). He was awarded a scholarship and underwent a fellowship at the prestigious Columbia University Medical Centre in New York City.


He is widely published in his field of endocrinology and has been invited to speak at local, regional, and international conferences.  He contributes to professional societies and has been involved in authoring local and international guidelines. He has a special interest in the management of calcium disorders  and osteoporosis.

郑昱光医生是内分泌科的主任医师,拥有 20 多年治疗各种内分泌疾病的临床经验,包括糖尿病、体重过重问题、甲状腺疾病、代谢性骨疾病、垂体和肾上腺疾病以及生殖内分泌疾病。他毕业于新加坡国立大学(National University of Singapore, 简称NUS),完成培训并获得英国皇家医师学会会员资格(Membership of Royal College of Physicians),新加坡国立大学医学硕士(Master of Medicine, NUS)和临床调查硕士学位(Master of Clinical Investigation, NUS)。完成内分泌学高级培训后,他被授予新加坡医学院院士称号(Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore)。他获得奖学金,并在纽约市的哥伦比亚大学医学中心接受研究生院的培训。


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